Metronor technology is built on in-house research and development inside electro-optics and photogrammetry – the science of precisely determining the location of items based on images.



camera_pen_light_operationAll Metronor products have three main components:

  • A set of light sources, typically very robust and reliable Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • One or more solid-state digital cameras, capturing images of the LEDs
  • A computer, automatically controlling and optimizing the LED and cameras interaction

The LEDs are typically mounted into a structure such as a hand-held probe, and form a stable pattern. If the shape and size of the LED pattern is known, then a single image of the LED pattern is enough to calculate where the LED pattern is relative to the camera – both in terms of position as well as orientation.

Some unique aspects of Metronor technology:

  • Completely solid state without moving parts – rugged, reliable, stable/accurate over time.
  • Redundancy – designed to acquire more data (minimum 5 LEDs when 3 is minimum requirement) than needed in order to verify measurement accuracy continuously – bad data is worse than no data.
  • Modular – easily upgraded, flexible investment, excellent supportability
  • Remote, stationary sensor – no forces acting through camera/tripod, so no need to anchor or weigh down to try to eliminate effects of probe movement like on measurement arms.

The video below provides an overview of Metronor Technology applications and operation.