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Meeting quality requirements included in the AS9100 and getting geometric data for tooling is just one example of where a Metronor system can show its capabilities in the aerospace sector. Validation of surface profiles and trim edges are equally easy tasks and can be performed efficiently.

With Metronor having its roots coming from the aerospace segment, we have a long-standing and positive relationship with several key-players in this industry.


Metronor systems provide complete coordinate measuring machine capabilities anywhere necessary, with a complete setup done in minutes. With our system, the operator can perform measurements on moving parts so that critical components can be assembled precisely.

Another task that is often required is to effectively measure as-built conditions such as a door opening, and then using this data to perform reverse engineering of a mating part for perfect fitting.

Other general tasks we handle in this industry are:

  • Alignment of aircraft components using life measurements
  • Calibration of wing flaps/ ailerons
  • Checking for deformations when putting the aircraft under pressure

Metronor systems have the ability to measure features and points that are hidden and can’t be reached with traditional portable measurement systems, like laser trackers or articulated arms. Our Lightpen LP89 can be used in combination with a probe extension, making it possible to reach points hidden in up to 850mm depth.

This provides a significant benefit in terms of cost savings and accuracy, adding substantial value to our product.

Our system is able to measure multiple points at precisely the same moment in time using the Metronor Precision Positioning Kit. This kit consists of 12 single LEDs which can be tracked by a Metronor DUO system, allowing a user to observe different features all at the same time. Precision Positioning Kits can be daisy-chained, so that there is no upper limit to the number of LEDs being used.

Because of this unique ability, Metronor systems can detect deflection and relative movement, observe repeatability and calculate precise angular orientations. This also provides the ability to perform jig-less assembly of critical parts or sub-assemblies relative to each other.

Some other advantages of our Metronor systems are:

  • Fast and flexible set-up of the measuring device
  • No warm-up time
  • Easy use of the Lightpen for a wide range of probing
  • No stickers needed at any time of the process
  • No deep knowledge of photogrammetry required


Metronor Solution for SAAB Aerostructures CASE STUDY


Most Aerospace applications take advantage of Metronor DUO and Metronor DUO Split measurement systems to achieve maximum accuracy, flexibility and productivity. For some specific applications such as measuring angular orientation, Metronor SOLO system may be sufficient.


Our experts team will get back to you to know more about your application needs and recommend the best solution.