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Originally designed for the use in the Automotive Industry, our portable CMMs are very well suited for the geometric inspection and quality assurance for all kind of vehicles.

Metronor systems are easy to handle, robust and precise. The systems are capable of measuring large volumes maintaining a high accuracy throughout. Taking simultaneous measurements of multiple points is also possible.

Additionally, the Metronor Probing Systems can be upgraded with our scanner, Trackscan, if scanning of parts is needed.


Metronor systems provide reliable results, whilst being remarkable fast to set up.

Application possibilities are:

Vehicle manufacturers use Metronor systems in different applications.


Our systems facilitate tool certification, tool building, tool repeatability, fast repair during line stops and inspections of sheet-metal tooling. Other applications include car quality analysis and assembly troubleshooting.

Our solutions bring several benefits to truck and bus manufacturers, where portable systems well suited for large-volume operations are fundamental, making the inspection of tooling, chassis, cabins and frames possible.

Our customers have experienced that products can be launched months ahead of schedule by assuring the highest quality standards. Metronor solutions allow them to have a successful tool certification process. The process includes a tool to CAD or part-in-tool to CAD comparison and an accurate repeatability of part-in-tool verification.

Due to the unique capability of our component building structures, Metronor customers have the ability to measure even hidden points in large volumes.

Did you know?

The Metronor DUO system with a base measurement accuracy of 0.02mm is most often the right option for tool certification. It has a measurement range up to 15m, accuracy within 0.1mm even in frame station range in that depth, and excellent ruggedness and portability.

You’ll be able to secure tool and part geometry and minimize any process influences. Unlike laser trackers and articulated arms, the Metronor DUO stands out for its deep probing capability and its large measurement range.

Within minutes, the geometry of each chassis can be measured and recorded during the production.

For this task, a Metronor SOLO, with a measurement range up to 25m, is often the ideal solution. Chassis, frames and cabins with different lengths and sizes can be measured easily, while maintaining an excellent accuracy.

Portable, easy to use, efficient and with the adequate measurement range and accuracy, Metronors portable CMMs allow you to immediately measure and secure the geometries of jigs, fixtures and sheet-metal as well as tools on site.

Our experience shows that feature-based probing can be a simple solution for many complex problems.


Metronor SOLO Twin for Tooling in Automotive
Schmitz Cargobull – in German (automotive, trailers)


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