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how to measure hidden features

TechTalks Did you know we have a web series called TechTalks? The TechTalks were brought to life at the beginning of the lockdown phase when it was not possible for our sales teams to travel. We felt the need to bring …
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Metronor Office GmbH, in Germany

Metronor office in Germany

We have moved! The Metronor office in Germany has moved from its old location in Riegelsberg, Saarland to Unterschleissheim, Bavaria. The German team is now located just north of Munich and has easy access to Germany’s motorways and, of course, Munich’s …
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Measure Frames and Fixtures with Metronor systems

Measure frames and fixtures

Simplify your life Verifying fixtures, especially in Automotive and Aerospace, is one of the most common jobs in metrology, but also one of the most demanding. Our development team knows that accuracy and measurement speed are key when having to …
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Metronor FastRead image

Fast Read

The past two years have been unexpected for everybody. Both people and companies had to change how they live, interact and work, and Metronor went through the same process. We were lucky as a company to have different business segments …
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