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Knowing whether a raw part was cast or forged correctly and assuring that there is sufficient material for production without using trial an error is crucial. With a Metronor system, parts can be aligned and positioned efficiently before machining. Excess material of the part is evenly distributed assuring a successful production process. Additionally, our systems can be used for quality assurance, by measuring against a CAD model and comparing actual with nominal data of the finished part.


With our solution you assure that your CNC machines work properly avoiding costly repairs of machining components due to incorrect positioning of workpieces, eliminating scrap.

The benefits our solutions provide are not only relevant to those machining a delivered casting or forging. Being a manufacturer of parts, finding the optimum orientation and marking the part before delivering to the customer adds substantial value to the product.

Detailed workflow:

Start by using the CAD model of the finished machined part as a reference. Then initiate a rough alignment of the model to the casting or forging and finally measure the critical features of the part to fine-tune your alignment.

These are usually the surfaces which need machining or don’t have a lot of surplus material. Quite often those critical areas are difficult to reach – here Metronor’s unique ability to collect measurement points by deep-probing is essential.

Once the relevant surfaces have been measured, our software finds the orientation of the part that provides the optimum stock distribution at these surfaces. The resulting orientation is defined by a slight transformation to the coordinate system of the part to be machined.

There are various ways of making use of this information to achieve the correct alignment on the CNC machine. Note also that adjusting the part directly on a spare CNC machining bed is possible, even whilst the machine is working on another part.

Some other advantages of Metronor systems are:

  • Fast set-up of the cameras
  • No warm-up time
  • User-friendly handling of the Lightpen for a wide range of probing
  • No stickers needed at any time during the measurement process
  • No deep knowledge of photogrammetry required


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