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In the quest for renewable energy, wind turbines play an important role. Efficiently generating energy from the wind requires advanced aerodynamic shapes and highly accurate airfoils. Even the smallest deviation in a blade profile can cost the operator in terms of lost energy revenue.
With our Metronor systems, we can meet challenges like increasing tolerances and the inspection of ever larger windmill blades.


Metronor systems provide reliable results, whilst being remarkable fast to set up.
Application possibilities are:

One important requirement for building quality blades is the need to control a complete production process all the way from blade design, molding and finishing, through to the inspection of the finished blade surface.

Metronor has developed a series of products that are designed to assist in securing the geometry through all these process stages. Not only will a systematic approach to geometry assurance result in a high-quality product for the end customer. It will also minimize scrap and necessary rework during the blade manufacturing process.

Our systems are ideally suited for geometry verification of plugs and molds. Applications include both certification of plug and mold geometry, in addition to scheduled verification and maintenance checks.

The probing capability of the Metronor systems allows the user to capture a large number of measurement points in an extremely short time – but without overloading the amount of measured points as with a regular 3D scanning system. The real-time geometry analysis gives a necessary correlation between blade and mold geometry to predict scheduled or “on event” mold maintenance needs.

Control the tolerances of the interface area towards the wind turbine hub and ensure both trouble free assembly and operation of the wind turbine.

Here, we consider two critical characteristics of interest: root flatness and root hole-pattern geometry.

With Metronor systems, blade surface shapes can be compared directly to the CAD model in real time or more simplified checks such as distances and thicknesses can be inspected without the need for CAD data.

A well produced shape of the outer blade surface will ensure the efficiency and durability of the wind turbine. All the typical characteristics can be inspected easily, including blade profile and thickness, trailing edge thickness, leading-to-trailing-edge length and the section twist relative the root hole pattern.

  • Deliver blades with certified, traceable geometry to the end-customer
  • Study all parts of the production process in order to identify and correct weak points or bottlenecks


Wind Energy – Geometry Assurance for Wind Turbine Blade Production


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