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Measurements ensure and improve the quality of all products. The measurement process should be fast and not interrupt the production in a time-consuming and expensive manner. Metronor can handle all those aspects and our systems support a stable production flow by providing real-time information.


A Metronor solution for fabrication can help during the most important tasks of the production process.

It can be used for:

To speed up production, Metronor’s systems can align parts to a machine directly on the machine bed. By using the geometric information from the CAD model of the part, the system calculates the optimal position and orientation  to the machine. Also, by aligning using an external measurement system and not the production machine itself, both machine time can be gained, as well as potential errors from axis-misalignment be avoided.

Our software tracks the position and orientation of the part whilst being referenced in real time to the machine bed, guiding the measurement technician while he adjusts the alignment.

Guidance and support of the alignment during the assembly of large parts to each other is also possible. It is as simple as measuring the two parts that need aligning. Our system then informs the operator if and how they fit together.

without trial and error.

Metronor measurement systems can be used in large welded parts production even during production – for example, for checking the dimensions and orientation of individual areas. Verifying parts of a welding structure and assuring that they are put together correctly before continuing to the next phase can be crucial.

You can identify and correct deviations immediately – during the production process, instead of detecting the potential problem only at the end of the process.

Changing or adjusting a production line for a new or a different product can be a challenging task. With our systems, measuring and adjusting all fixtures, clamps and racks for the new product is easy to accomplish.

Use the CAD data of the product without wasting resources for sample parts or templates to adjust pins and net-blocks.


Fabrications Solutions


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