The past two years have been unexpected for everybody.

Both people and companies had to change how they live, interact and work, and Metronor went through the same process.

We were lucky as a company to have different business segments apart from our Industrial Solutions (that provides you with the measurement systems you know from us), which helped us to bridge the travel-imposed downtime.

We are happy to announce that Metronor did not have to let a single person go during this challenging period, but that we are actually growing as a company.

With travel restrictions having eased up, we are excited for the times ahead and want to share with you the new technologies that were developed since you might have last seen us in person.

The “Metronor FastRead” is a short monthly newsletter, a small ping from our side so to say, to keep you better informed about what is happening at Metronor. Our aim is to introduce different applications and new technologies to you, but also a way to keep the conversation open.

Thank you for staying with us – we very much appreciate the partners, suppliers, and customers we have gained in the last 30-plus years of doing business and look forward to the next years with you all!

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