Did you know we have a web series called TechTalks? The TechTalks were brought to life at the beginning of the lockdown phase when it was not possible for our sales teams to travel. We felt the need to bring the technical expertise and knowledge to our customers and potential customers, online.

Each TechTalk features a specific technical highlight of the Metronor technology and aims to show potential uses and benefits. The TechTalks really try to focus on the technical side of things without the usual sales and marketing phrases – we will use those in-person 😊

So far, we have episodes on our Lightpen technology, the different ways to set up the Metronor cameras, how our sticker-free scanning works, and a couple of others about tube measurements and 6DOF alignments. Have a look here at the complete list of available episodes, or simply start watching below how to do portable measurements of hidden features and deep probing ▼

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