A simple process to easily design pipes

Use AR and Guided Tracking to design pipe connections


    Adapt the pipe with Metronor

    The Challenge

    Tubing and piping pathways are traditionally created by hand. They require well-experienced personnel who can judge a good fit of a pipe and are accustomed to sometimes fitting the dozens of pipes necessary to make a product work. This process is both time-consuming and expensive.

    No Experience Required

    TeZetCAD now has a pipefitting guided function that strengthens Metronor probing technology. With the two combined, even new, less experienced employees can create pipes and tubes that fit perfectly and are professionally and efficiently placed.

    Using Augmented Reality

    After designing the pipes virtually with the probing system, the Augmented Reality function gives you an overview of the complete project. Use it to make sure everything is correct before investing in production time or material on pipes that must be scrapped.

    Best Metronor Systems for Piping image

    We suggest the following Metronor Systems

    • Metronor SOLO – for measurements on a shop
      floor up to 20 meters
    • Metronor SOLO Twin – for measurements in
      hard-to-reach areas

    What is guided tracking?Active recommendations and suggestions

    The Metronor Lightpen – used to draw the new pipe segment through the air – is tracked continuously. Based on this, the software can give active design recommendations and suggestions on how to continue the pipe design based on your constraints. Both the requirements and constraints can be changed during the measurement, adjusting them to any situation.

    Comprehensive SoftwareThe solution that empowers you

    The software can snap any new pipe segments to an existing coordinate system – such as the machine frame – when creating pipe connections. And active constraints can be defined: for instance, allowing only 90-degree bends, or pipes having to end perpendicular into their connection points.

    How does AR work?See the entire system on your screen

    The Augmented Reality function gives you an overview of the complete project. All created pipes are added into the camera viewer in full 3D mode, so that all the design work can be visually inspected and – if need be – adjusted before production. In the end, just export your pipe geometry either as a 2D drawing, an IGS file, or export directly to a bending machine. With an extra module you can also generate ISO drawings.

    Who is it for?Who can benefit from this functionality

    Shipyards, pipe fitters in the service sectors, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, manufacturers of hydraulic machines, among others. – Basically anywhere where pipes have to fit perfectly and process times need to be accelerated without compromising quality and professionalism.

    Designing pipesMain Benefits

    • Create the perfectly fitting pipe
    • Optimize the production process
    • The software guides the measurement process
    • System is easy to set up
    • Visually inspect everything in 3D

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