A simple process to easily design pipes

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In our video, we show how easy it is to design pipes with our systems by using the software TeZetCAD. We create a perfectly fitting new pipe between its connection points, by tracing its intended center line through the air with the Metronor Lightpen. Any number of pipes or pipe bundles can be created in the same work session, and so the virtual pipes can be checked for collision.

Adapt the pipe with Metronor

Adapt the pipe

Any measured, rough geometry can be adapted
for the perfect fit with a few easy adjustments.
Simply amend the bending angles
or straight pipe segments
to the wanted degree/size
and the software will make suggestions
on how to achieve this change.

adapt the flange with Metronor

Adapt the flange

You can mirror flanges
and add sealings in the software
without any problems.
You can also specify if the pipe
should end flush with the flange
or go a certain length into the flange
– all the decisions are up to you.

Adapt the workflow

The manager module lets you pre-set
all the functions with their needed
parameters in a certain order.
This way, the measurement process can be
optimized in advance and error sources be eliminated.
Even employees with little experience in
pipe fitting can now successfully measure.

Best Metronor Systems for Piping image

We suggest the following Metronor Systems

  • Metronor One – for pipes up to 2m
  • Metronor SOLO – for measurements on a shop floor up to 20 meters
  • Metronor SOLO Twin – for measurements in hard-to-reach areas

What can you measure?Design fitted tubes

Design a perfectly fitting tube by tracing the center line through the air with our Lightpen. By measuring the connection points as well, you ensure the perfect fit first time around.

Who is it for?Who can benefit from this functionality

Shipyards, pipe fitters in the service sectors, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, manufacturers of hydraulic machines – basically anywhere where pipes have to fit perfectly.

What can you measure?Measure connection points

Measure connection points like flanges (both circular and non-circular) or connectors such as redactors and other tube segments. Use advanced design options to mirror flanges or add sealings.

Exporting the dataHow the pipe data can be exported

Export your pipe geometry either as a 2D drawing, an IGS file or export directly to a bending machine. With an extra module you can also generate ISO drawings.

Designing pipesMain Benefits

  • Create the perfectly fitting pipe
  • Measure any flange geometry
  • Optimize the production process
  • The software guides the measurement process
  • System is easy to set up

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