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    Scanning is a fast way to capture a large amount of points in a minimal time. But when the preparation of the part with stickers takes longer than the scan itself, then you should switch to our sticker-free scanning systems. No more part preparation, no more clean-up after the measurement task, no recurring purchasing costs for stickers that accumulate over the years.

    Sticker free

    The Metronor cameras
    track an LED pattern that is
    fixed around the scanner,
    making stickers or reference markers
    on the part itself superfluous.

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    The tracking unit is made
    from an interlocking carbon-fiber skeleton.
    This robust, but incredibly light building method
    ensures a accurate result,
    whilst being easy to lift.

    Large Volume

    Metronor systems aim to handle
    large volume measurement tasks.
    We can handle a scanning
    over a distance of 10 meters
    without having to make a leap-frog.

    Metronor scanning

    • LED clusters are tracked by a camera
    • Several LED clusters per scanning unit
    • Metronor software decides which cluster should be tracked automatically
    • Move freely in your measurement volume

    ScanningTrackScan SOLO

    With a TrackScan SOLO system we provide you with one camera to track our scanner unit in its field of view, allowing tracking to a distance of 6 meters between camera and scanner.


    Add probing capabilities to your scanning system for accurate alignments and to reach hidden or hard-to-reach areas.

    ScanningTrackScan DUO

    A TrackScan DUO system is delivered with two cameras and the means to synchronize them, allowing improved depth accuracy and an extended range of 10 meters for the distance between scanner and camera.

    Add-onRotary Table

    Add our rotation table if you need to spin your object in place. The table’s own LED pattern allows us to match the movement of the part during measuring.

    Metronor TrackScanMain Benefits

    • No more time loss due to preparation of the part
    • Limit running costs over time
    • Upgrade your system easily from SOLO to DUO for a larger measurement volume
    • Add extra capabilities as the needs arise

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