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[icon icon=”fa fa-arrows-h” position=”icon-center” icon_size=”50″ title=”Measure and Shape Pipes”]

Quickly acquire values for radii,
start/end/center points, length of cylinder
sections and the bend-rotation angles
and pass them on to the bending machine


[icon icon=”fa fa-ship” position=”icon-center” icon_size=”50″ title=”Pipes On-the-fly”]

Create pipes in one single step
using the Metronor system
to define the desired space positions,
with real-time visualization


[icon icon=”fa fa-circle-o-notch” position=”icon-center” icon_size=”50″ title=”Bending Process Optimization”]

1. Compare the CAD model with the actual
and nominal models and check where the pipes differ.
2. Let the software calculate the bending parameters.
3. Send the correction values to the bending machine.


image with Metronor measurement solutions for piping and shipyards
  • Hands-free transportation
  • Carry the case up and down stairs with ease
  • Use the case as your work station
  • No extra lighting needed
  • Battery powered system
  • Probe hidden and hard-to-reach features
  • Full freedom of movement
  • Fix cameras with mechanical or magnetic clamps

What is it?The Shipyard Solution

A plug-and-play measurement solution developed to take measurement mobility to another level. The system comes in a pre-plugged-in configuration. The transport case – which can also be carried as a backpack – doubles as a work station. The only thing left to do is plugging the camera cable. In under a minute you can start taking the first measurements, be it for reverse engineering of pipes or for a dimensional check of a finished product.

What to expect?Portability and Use

Both magnet and vise clamps to position the camera on walls and beams (no tripods). A Lightpen LP55 probe for working in smaller, cramped areas. A 2-sided probe tip with a 400mm carbon fiber extension for full reach of hidden features. Lastly, we’ve added a camera battery to make the system independent of wall power.

What can I do?Powerful Software

Modifications and transformations can be performed to the measured geometries in the software: mirror flanges, create perfect counterparts for a matching hole pattern, adjusting to sealing space holders, and specify if pipes should end directly with the flange or pass through it. Override angles manually and let the CAD model update the geometries accordingly without changing fixed points. Calculate springback correction.

Who is it for?Perfect Applications

This system combination was developed initially for the use on shipyards, where mobile measurements are taken to an extreme. However, this plug-and-play solution has become popular with service companies and generally all customers that travel a lot with their Metronor product.

Portable CMMs for PipingMain Benefits

  • True mobility – full system on a backpack case
  • Measure and shape pipes
  • Create pipes on-the-fly
  • Optimize the bending process
  • Powerful software
  • Low learning curve

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