Counter environmental factors when measuring

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    In our video, we show you how to measure a part without accuracy errors due to temperature change or slight vibration and movements. The Metronor Stability Kit was developed to help your portable measuring system effectively counter these. It will compensate for external factors that would otherwise influence your results negatively.

    Measure with changing temperatures and vibration

    Metronor SOLO or DUO

    • Use with both 1 and 2-camera systems
    • Fast setup, attach by magnet
    • Battery powered, no cables needed

    LED TechnologyCompatibility

    The tracked LEDs are of the same built as the ones used in all other Metronor probing and scanning devices. This way, the Stability Kit integrates seamlessly into your existing Metronor portfolio.


    Check for vibrations or movements manually by triggering the compensation mode in the Metronor software.

    Stability KitAdaptability

    By default, the Stabilty Kit includes a single unit, but can be extended to include several. The number of units depends on the object to be measured and can vary accordingly.


    Activate a timer in the Metronor software to compensate either periodically or continuously – whichever fits your needs best.

    Stability KitMain Benefits

    • Counter vibrations that could influence the measurement process
    • Compensate for ambient temperatures, especially in summer
    • Can be added to your Metronor SOLO or DUO systems at any point

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