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All Metronor systems can be upgraded within the same product line without much effort, since they are based on the same core technology – one or more cameras tracking an LED pattern. This way, you never lose the initial invest, but adapt your existing measurement system to the new measurement task.

Metronor SOLO

In this system variation
we observe our LEDs with a single camera.
Even this basic configuration allows us
to take profile measurements by probing at
20 meters distance of the Lightpen to the camera.

Metronor SOLO Twin icon

Metronor SOLO Twin

Upgrade to this camera version
if the standard 32×38 degree field-of-view
is too small for your task or environment.
SOLO Twin extends your camera to a wide-lens system,
extending it to 32×70 degrees.

Metronor DUO icon

Metronor DUO

Working with 2 cameras
that are separated from
each other and synchronized,
you get the highest possible accuracy
by triangulating the LEDs
securely in 3D space.

Picture of Metronor camera

Camera characteristics

  • Field of view: 32×38 degrees
  • Wide-angle option: 32×70 degrees
  • Pair cameras for added precision
  • ATEX models available on request

ProbingCMM capablilities

Metronor systems are routinely sent out with one of our Lightpen models, enabling you to probe even hidden features or hard to reach areas.

Other camera set-upsCustomized solutions

We offer even more camera variations to handle each measurement task as easily as possible, upgrading a DUO to a QUAD (4 cameras) or splitting a DUO into two separately working SOLOs. Simply choose the set-up that suits you best.

ScanningCMM capabilities

Both SOLO and DUO systems can also be upgraded with scanners or sent out as scanning systems only, allowing you to scan without the use of any stickers.

Capability kitsExtend your system

Other capability kits to help with vibration control, alignment or tracking are also available and can be added to the various system configurations. It is possible to use several Lightpen models and scanning models within one camera configuration.

Metronor upgrade capabilitiesMain Benefits

  • Upgrade the cameras to fit your accuracy need or space requirement
  • Upgrade to add either probing or scanning capabilities
  • Add a capability set to your existing set-up at any time
  • Don’t lose your investment – grow the system with your needs.

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