How a Metronor Lightpen works and its extra functionalities

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Metronor’s handheld probing units
are called Lightpens and its use
is very intuitive. All our Lightpen
models are powered by a rechargeable
battery that lasts for several hours.
A battery set plus a charger are
delivered with each of our systems.


A lightweight built guarantees
an ergonomic use without any
long-term fatigue to the user.
The carbon-fiber skeleton provides
rigidity for accurate measurements.
Imbedded LEDs are used to recognize
Metronor’s specific light patterns.

Probe Tips

A kit with different probe tips
is included in all our systems.
This can include regular, extended and
angled probes and can be customized.
The Lightpen can be operated with as many
different probe tips as the user wants
and they can be recalibrated as needed.

Lightpen LP55 for close range probing
Lightpen LP89 for mid-range probing

Range of Lightpen Models

  • Short-range with 5 LEDs (10m)
  • Mid-range with 8 LEDs (25m)
  • Extended with 8 LEDs (40m)
  • Customizations possible on request

FlexmodeDeep probing

By activating the Flexmode function on the Lightpen, it is possible to probe deep inside an object, and even behind other objects. This function allows the system to ignore the last 3 LEDs on the LP89 Lightpen model. The Lightpen itself can then be used as a probe extension.

Calibrationof the Lightpen

The Lightpen itself only needs calibration if some of its components break. Otherwise, no scheduled re-sending to Metronor is needed. The verification of the Lightpen’s accuracy can be performed on-site.

FlexmodeLong distance

This second function of the Flexmode switches off certain LEDs – depending on the distance to the camera – to make the LED pattern of the Lightpen more recognizable, even at longer distances like 14 meters. Flexmode automatically decides which mode to use in which situation.

Calibrationof the probe tips

Calibrate the probe tips as needed inside the Metronor software, or create as many new probe tips as wanted. Simply add the new probe to the range of existing ones. A range of probe tips can include different tip diameters.

Metronor Lightpens capabilitiesMain Benefits

  • No joints that will degrade with time
  • No scheduled calibrations
  • Full freedom to move within the measurement volume
  • No cumbersome cables

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