Simplify your life

Verifying fixtures, especially in Automotive and Aerospace, is one of the most common jobs in metrology, but also one of the most demanding. Our development team knows that accuracy and measurement speed are key when having to deal with a growing number of fixtures every day. 

In fact, Metronor measurement systems were first developed in 1989 to tackle exactly this task, and with 30 plus years of experience in precisely this application, our systems make even the most complex and large fixtures easy to measure.

How does it work?

The handheld tool (called a Lightpen) makes the tactile measurement very intuitive: it is continuously tracked by a camera, where everything the camera sees equals the measurement volume. You can measure hidden and hard-to-reach areas without problem by combining the system’s “Deep Probing” function with probe extensions of up to 400mm (follow this link to see more about this application)

Clear advantages of using this solution are that…

  1. no stickers of any kind must be used for the photogrammetry
  2. the Lightpen has no joints or moving parts that require constant recalibration
  3. no warm-up time or leveled floor required – Metronor systems work without any type of laser, which means that the user can simply go to the fixture (or part to be measured) and start verifying the geometry immediately
  4. with a system reach of 15 meters and beyond it is possible to measure even large components without having to deal with a complicated set up or several system repositions.