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Metronor One

Metronor One is the perfect replacement for your articulated arm – a handheld and portable 3D optical CMM.

Metronor One is optimized for close-range measurements of small to medium-size objects up to 2.5 meters. Easier and less tiring to operate than articulated arms, it offers superior probing capabilities and has no need for an anchored mount or pedestal.


With the same accurate 3D volume as any standard articulated arm, you can now branch out to measure in a larger field and with easier handling.

The integrated battery and wifi pack give the Lightpen a true cable-less, joint-less design that gives you full flexibility to move and measure in your working area. This probing method provides full, unrestricted movement, just like an extension of your own arm. Comfortable to hold and fast to set-up, Metronor One fits the measurement needs of smaller objects exceptionally well.

See below some of the system features. If you need even higher precision within the same working volume, have a look at Metronor Two.

  • Measurement volume: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5m
  • 3D Accuracy in 15.5m3: 0.08mm
  • System includes camera with tripod, Lightpen, laptop and transportation case and software

Metronor One uses an optical technology based on a special mathematical modelling method that sets it apart from other products in the market. Electro-optics and photogrammetry let us accurately calculate where the handheld probe, called Lightpen, is located relative to the camera – both in terms of position and orientation.

The advantages? The measuring process is fast and reliable – and you can measure even in polluted environments. Just take Metronor One out of its box, turn the PC and Lightpen on, place the camera on the tripod and start measuring. Another unique feature is that we don’t have any hidden extras when it comes to pricing: your system arrives ready to use – software, laptop and all necessary parts included.

Measuring should be simple, quick and intuitive, without having to prepare the measurement part. That’s why we have been using a technology for over 20 years that doesn’t need any type of sticker.

Together with active LEDs that adjust automatically to different light and measurement distances, Metronor’s unique intrinsic camera calibration method provides excellent sticker-free volumetric accuracy.

Metronor One provides high volumetric accuracy throughout its measurement volume. There is no need to attach the Lightpen to something stable – it’s handheld and moves naturally with you. Accuracy deterioration, so common in articulated arms due to normal wear and especially with dust and grime in the joints, doesn’t affect Metronor One – since it has no joints. Metronor systems are calibrated for a lifetime and only need to be sent back to our HQ in case of components breaking. Otherwise we can perform an annual system verification on site.

We outperform articulated arms in accuracy and price

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Metronor One brochure
Metronor One Specs


  • Prototyping
  • Tool and die inspection
  • Tube & pipe measurement
  • In-process inspection
  • On-machine inspection
  • Fixture inspection
  • As-built documentation
  • Assembly alignment
  • Tool building
  • Reverse engineering

Everything an articulated arm can do. Only better.

Other Info

Some of the benefits of Metronor One:

  • True usable measurement volume of 15m3
  • Cost-efficient and fast to learn
  • Handheld probe without linkages – convenient and reliable
  • No need for heavy, stable arm pedestal
  • Everything is included – camera with tripod, Lightpen, laptop, software and transportation case.

Included in your system:

  • Metronor camera CAM38
  • Tripod including pan/tilt head
  • LP86 Lightpen with WiFi communication and re-chargeable Li-Ion battery
  • LP86 comes with spare Li-Ion battery and battery charger
  • Interface Unit IU2
  • Small Probe Kit with Calibration Tool
  • Laptop computer
  • Metronor Metrolog EVO Basics/optional software, Metronor System SW (MSS) and Metronor One technology license
  • Required system and power cables
  • Watertight rollaway transportation case with operate-out-of-case functionality

Quick Specs - Metronor One

Measurement Volume15m3552ft3
3D Length
±0.08mmAccuracy of 3D length
2 sigma (U95)
Accuracy Parallelism±0.0025degParallelism between 2 planes, 600mm size
2 sigma (U95)
Accuracy Planarity±0.025mmPlanarity of single plane, size 0.6x0.6m2
2 sigma (U95)
EnvironmentOperating Temperature10 to 45°C (50 to 113°F)
Storage Temperature -25 to 65°C (-13 to 150°F)
Operating Humidity <95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Pressure, Humidity, TemperatureNo effect on measurement accuracy
Vibration Stability Control (option) 0-100Hz, <3mm amplitude
No warm-up
Electrical PowerAuto switching
(Battery operation optional)
100-240V AC, 50-60Hz

Extra Options:

Other interesting options to consider if you’d like to extend your system’s applications:

  • Camera Battery Kit (114834) – measure without mains power
  • Standard Probe Kit (116200)