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The Metronor Shipyard Piping Solution was developed for the use in tight spaces with limited accessibility, such as the engine room of a ship.

With this measurement system, pipes and flanges or connectors of different sizes and shapes can be measured fast and in a simple way, using the specialized/dedicated piping software TeZetCAD. Extra functionality in this software like automatic reports and CAD exports make handling the data efficient and transparent.

This digital workflow ensures a simple and error-free transfer of measurement data to the workshops.


With this complete solution we have taken portability to a new level, while maintaining all the high-level characteristics that the industry expects from a measurement system.

The Metronor Shipyard Piping Solution can be used for:

The system interfaces directly with TeZetCAD, the leading software for pipe and flange measurements. It allows the user to recreate circular flanges with as little as 12 points. Non-standard flanges can also be measured easily.

Creating pipes with yet unknown specifications, for example for replacement pipes or connecting pipes, is a simple task with a Metronor system.

With the function “Design Tube Tactile”  in TeZetCAD, a virtual pipe can be created with measured points taken in 3D space, all while going around obstacles during the measurement.

This allows creating perfectly fitting pipes on site, saving manufacturing time and reducing costs.

Measuring an existing pipe is equally easy. By taking measurements at the end of the pipe and on the pipe itself, a CAD representation of the real pipe is created – without having to take out the pipe in question during the measurement.

The data from the measured pipe can now either be sent directly to a bending machine, or a blueprint for the shop floor can be exported for welding.

A number of modifications and transformations can be performed on the measured geometries afterwards in TeZetCAD:

Measured flanges can be mirrored, creating perfect counterparts and guaranteeing a matching hole pattern. Sealings between flanges can be added and connected pipes specified to finish either flush with the flange, or to pass through it.

You can also consolidate measured angles manually to define specific bending angles. The software updates the CAD model geometries accordingly, whilst not changing fixed points like pipe end positions. It is also possible to calculate the correction values for bending processes, e.g. values for the spring-back correction. It is also possible to calculate values for spring-back correction to improve the bending process itself.

Our special packaging makes working with Metronor products safe and simple. The transport case can be carried as a backpack and the integrated set-up allows the user to start measuring in less than two minutes. For tight spaces, different camera holding fixtures (clamp or magnet) can be used to assure the best setup for the system.

The measurement software is easy to handle. To get reliable data each time, follow the instructions step by step and let TeZetCAD guide you through the measurement process.


Our experts team will get back to you to know more about your application needs and find the most suitable date for your demo.


Metronor Shipyard Piping Solution
TeZetCAD: The Fast Way to Measure Tubes


The Shipyard Piping Solution is a special type of packaging for Metronor SOLO Probe or Metronor SOLO Twin Extension.

It was developed initially for the use on shipyards, where mobile measurements are taken to the next level.

Since then, this plug-and-play solution has also created a lot of interest for service companies in the piping industry, and generally all customers that travel a lot with their Metronor system.

The main difference between the traditional way of packaging and this solution is the pre-connected configuration of the system. The transport case – which can also be carried as a backpack – doubles as the working station. The only thing left to do is setting up the camera.

We have replaced some of the system components of the regular packaging for the ease of use for the customer. This includes exchanging the standard tripod with both a magnet and a vise (to fix the camera on walls and beams). The standard Lightpen LP89 is replaced by the smaller model LP55, ideal for smaller, cramped areas. An additional 2-sided probe tip with a 400mm carbon fibre extension for full reach of hidden features is also included in the packaging. In addition, we have included a camera battery to make the system independent from the power grid.