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The Metronor Piping Solution is ideal for when a fast setup, ease of use and high portability are critical.

Replacing corroded pipes with complex structures without the right tools can be time consuming and therefore expensive. In combination with the software TeZetCAD, Metronor enables the user to reverse-engineer a pipe in a couple of minutes with its connecting points, for both repairs and design of new connections. Metronor provides a perfect solution for measuring in difficult environments, e.g. for measuring in tight quarters or in dark light situations.


The combination of  TeZetCAD and a Metronor system offers elegant solutions to improve and optimize your piping process.

Measurements are taken on site and in place, capturing the real-time situation.

Getting pipe specifications like diameter, center line length and bending angles is an easy task for a Metronor CMM.

For difficult to reach areas, Metronor offers different lengths of Lightpens and probe extensions which can be exchanged readily during a measurement.

Our systems are capable of measuring pipes with a length beyond 10 meters and diameters up to 1m without a system repositioning.

We provide you with the right software to speed up the piping process. TeZetCAD is the most complete and easy-to-use piping software on the market.

During the measuring process, TeZetCAD automatically displays the measured pipe in a 3D viewer and calculates the bending parameters.

Once the measurement is complete, you can directly interact with the virtual model. The pipe can be dimensionally optimized, compared with a master model and a measurement report can be exported.

Another possibility where Metronor can be used is for the creation of pipes without having a drawing or CAD model available.

In one step our system can create pipes in the desired area. You will be guided to measure the exact start and end positions of the real connection points. Then just roughly trace the pipe you want to design through the air, going along the desired route of the center line from one connection to the other – going through pipe holders if wanted and avoiding collisions with other pipes or objects. A quick and elegant method to design a not yet existing pipe and make it fit perfectly the first time.


Real-time visualization

When tracing the center line of the pipe to be designed, TeZetCAD automatically creates and visualizes the pipe model on the screen. After the measurement, you can perform a fine-tuning by simply entering values for specific bends and lengths. TeZetCAD automatically calculates the new pipe parameters and displays the corrected shape on the screen whilst keeping the tube ends in the correct position.

The inspection and comparison of pipes with given parameters of a master pipe are important tasks in the prototyping and production phases.

With our solutions, simply measure a bent pipe against its nominal model and TeZetCAD calculates the springback values for this charge. This correction value can then be either transferred to the bending machine itself or be applied to every pipe model that is exported from TeZetCAD.

This makes also the use of older bending machines more sustainable.

Our systems are easy to operate. To get reliable data each time follow the instructions of TeZetCAD and the software will guide you through the measurement process.


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