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Scanners are used, due to their fast data capture, in a variety of ways in an industrial environment.

Our powerful 3D scanning systems are widely used in various stages of developing and implementing new product designs. They speed up the workflow considerably and facilitate the fast collection of the required object data. It is also possible to automate the data capture process.

Metronor TrackScan

Whether in automotive, aerospace, machining, 3D printing or education/research, Metronors scanner TrackScan can boost the production process in regard to time and effectiveness. Our scanner works without having to place any reference stickers on the part itself or around it, speeding up the set-up time of the system and keeping the running costs of the systems low.

Metronor TrackScan comes in two variations:


TrackScan SOLO

Here the TrackScan unit is observed by a single Metronor camera. For a stable accuracy we limit the distance of the scanner to the camera to 6 meters – the system is therefore advised for smaller parts where a fast set up is needed.


TrackScan DUO

Due to the improved tracking accuracy by using two cameras the TrackScan DUO system has a larger measurement volume, 10 meters compared to 6 meters. The systems specification make the use ideal for projects that require either a high accuracy or a large field of view. TrackScan DUO, the system that can handle these two very different tasks.

  • No preparation of the part needed
  • Fast quality control
  • Capture 3D pointclouds for reverse engineering
  • Scan directly against a CAD
  • Scanner can be adjusted in regard to scanning speed and resolution to your needs, filters can be applied as needed

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TrackScan SOLO brochure
TrackScan SOLO Specs
Metronor Products Brochure


  • Prototyping
  • Tool and die inspection
  • Tube & pipe measurement
  • In-process inspection
  • On-machine inspection
  • As-built documentation
  • Reverse engineering

A complete, portable 3d metrology solution

Other Info

Some of the benefits of SOLO TrackScan:

  • No stickers – just aim and scan
  • Large measurement volume
  • Scans fragile objects and surfaces
  • Easy to use, minimal training cost
  • Portable CMM functionality

Included in your system:

  • TrackScan Scanner Unit with cable
  • TrackScan Calibration Unit, with battery and charger
  • Metronor camera CAM38 with 10m signal & power/sync cable
  • SOLO/DUO tripod with Pan/tilt head
  • Laptop computer for SOLO/DUO TrackScan
  • Interface Control Unit IU2S
  • ScanView software, Metronor System SW (MSS) and SOLO technology license
  • Required system and power cables
  • Rollaway transportation cases for scanner and navigation system

Quick Specs - Metronor TrackScan

TrackScan SOLOTrackScan DUO
Measurement Range
Distance from scanner to camera
2.5 to 6m (8.2 to 20’)2.5 to 10m (8.2 to 33’)
System Accuracyup to ±0.04mmup to ±0.03mm
Spatial Accuracy2.5m0.08mm0.04mm
Laser ClassClass II (eye safe)Class II (eye safe)
Measurement Rate215.000 measurements per second215.000 measurements per second
Scanner Stand-off Distance300mm300mm
Scanner Depth of Field250mm250mm

Extra Options:

Other interesting options to consider if you’d like to extend your system’s applications:

  • Lightpen for probing and object alignment, for example TrackProbe SLP56
  • Probe kit for Lightpen, for example Standard Probe kit