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Our powerful 3D scanning system is ideal for use in various stages of developing and implementing new product designs. It speeds up your workflow and facilitates the fast collection of the required object data. In addition, you can automate the data capture process.

The M-Scan 120

Whether in automotive, aerospace, machining, 3D printing or education/research, Metronor’s M-Scan 120 can boost the production process in regard to time and effectiveness. Our scanner works without the need to place any reference stickers on the part itself or around it, speeding up the set-up time of the system and keeping the running costs of the system low.

Boosting your system

Benefit from increased accuracy and even higher freedom of movement in large volumes by upgrading your M-Scan 120 system with a MultiCam option.

This option pairs several cameras in the same coordinate system, achieving multiple-camera synchronization.

Scan and probe large volumes while moving freely around your object without the need for stickers or leapfrogging with a MultiCam system

Measuring with more than two cameras at the same time allows you to move around your object freely, taking measurements as necessary both with the scanner and with a probing unit. All in one go.

Total freedom and even higher accuracy in larger volumes. Still without any target-sticking or part preparation. Find out more about this solution’s specifications here or read about how it’s being used in the automotive industry.

  • Large measurement volume
  • Sticker-free technology
  • Blue laser scanning
  • Real-time display of 3D data
  • Auto-generated 3D triangular mesh
  • High-speed laser scanning
  • No preparation of the part needed
  • Fast quality control
  • Capture 3D point clouds for reverse engineering
  • Scan directly against a CAD

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M-Scan 120

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M-Scan 120 Datasheet
M-Scan 120 Trifold


• Reverse engineering
• Prototyping
• CAD twin
• Tool and die inspection
• In-process inspection
• On-machine inspection
• As-built documentation
• Deformation analysis

A complete, portable 3d metrology solution

Other Info

Some of the benefits of M-Scan 120:

  • No stickers – just aim and scan
  • Large measurement volume
  • Scans fragile objects and surfaces
  • Easy to use, minimal training cost
  • Portable CMM functionality

Would you like to test it?

Included in your system:

  • M-Scan 120 Unit with cable
  • M-Scan 120 Calibration Unit
  • 2 Metronor cameras CAM38 with 10m signal & power/sync cable
  • DUO tripod with Pan/tilt head
  • Laptop computer for DUO M-Scan 120
  • Interface Control Unit IU8
  • Metronor System SW (MSS), Application SW and DUO technology license
  • Rollaway transportation cases for scanner and navigation system

Quick Specs - Metronor M-Scan 120

Points per StripeUp to 2000 (non-interpolated)
Stripe WidthUp to 120 mm
Measurement DepthUp to 100 mm
Accuracy (2 Sigma)U95 = ±(0.035 + L/70000)
Measuring LaserBlue laser (for measurement): Max output 2.01 mW, Wavelength 450 nm, Class II (eye safe)
Full FoV Indicator LaserRed laser (for rangefinder): Max output 1.00 mW, Wavelength 650 nm, Class II (eye safe)
Measurement RateAt 100% depth x 100% width FOV: 300 000 pts/sec (2 000 pts/stripe x 150 stripes/sec)
At 100% depth x 50% width FOV: 300 000 pts/sec (1 000 pts/stripe x 300 stripes/sec)
At 50% depth x 100% width FOV: 450 000 pts/sec (2 000 pts/stripe x 225 stripes/sec)
At 50% depth x 50% width FOV: 450 000 pts/sec (1 000 pts/stripe x 450 stripes/sec)
Scanner Stand-off DistanceFor 100% depth FOV modes, stand off to the near edge is 80 mm
For 50% depth FOV modes, stand off to the near edge is 93 mm
Laser Power AdjustmentESP4 real-time per point
Scanner Depth of Field100% depth FOV is 100 mm
50% depth FOV is 50 mm

Extra Options:

Other interesting options to consider if you’d like to extend your system’s applications:

  • MultiCam
  • Lightpen for probing and object alignment
  • Probe kit for Lightpen such as the Standard Probe kit