Tracking the movement of objects in 6 degrees of freedom

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In our video, we show how simple it is to track and align individual components in 6 degrees of freedom and take a multitude of exact point measurements with one click.


Attach and observe the movement
of each LED in the LED Kit
in the complete field of view of a DUO system.
Track any object and see how it is moving
in 6 degrees of freedom.


Observe stress deformations
on the parts over long periods
or when the part is introduced
to different environmental conditions.


Perform your alignments accurately
by calculating in the measurement software
how much your parts/objects have to move or rotate.
Then use the LED kit to guide
the actual corrections.

Metronor DUO picture on landing page

Metronor DUO

  • Required for tracking of single LEDs
  • 2-camera system
  • Highest precision of measurement
  • Large measurement volume

LED TechnologySame technology across all systems

Our active LEDs automatically adapt to the measurement environment. Also, the LED Kit integrates seamlessly into your existing Metronor portfolio. We ensure this by using the same LED build in all our probing and scanning devices.

ProbingUsing the LED kit

You can easily set up your LED measurement by probing points as needed before – or even after – the LED tracking.

LED KitWhat is it?

An LED Kit is an add-on that enhances the capabilities of the DUO probing system. It consists of 8 LEDs on magnetic mountings. Several LED Kits can be daisy chained to observe as many different object components as needed.

ScanningExtra capabilities

Add scanning capabilities to your existing DUO system in order to get even more functionality out of your Metronor portable CMM.

LED KitMain Benefits

  • Track and align individual components in 6 degrees of freedom
  • Take a multitude of exact point measurements with one click
  • Perfect for machine repeatability tests
  • Upgradable to an existing Metronor DUO system at any point

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